About Us

The FSB corporate culture is about people, relationships and the relationships it has with its employees, the Insurance Companies and above all its clients. We know it takes time to foster a strong relationship and it is something that the FSB team is committed to. We feel it is important to connect to the needs and wants of our clients and offer unique solutions that fit the individual needs of each and every client. We understand that life is about change and by creating that strong foundation we are able to offer a long-term solution to your changing requirements. We are the group you want to be a part of.

Three words that describe the FSB team are: Heart, Transparency and Knowledgeable.


    Like a family, we care and listen to your every need and do our best to meet all of them.


    We are upfront with our information and provide you the best option available to meet your needs.


    Each person is trained and understands the insurance market, the products and services available through the Insurance Companies we work with. By asking questions and clarifying your needs, we will determine the most innovative solution to meet them.

The loyalty of our employees is reflected in the loyalty of our clients and Insurance Company relationships. We are here to be in service to you depending on your personal, business or commercial needs.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and caring for our environment, so being paperless is important to FSB.

Call or email us today and find out how we can best serve your needs and create your insurance solutions.