Employee and FSB Events

The FSB culture is one of integration and connection and one of the best ways the FSB management has found to demonstrate how much they value the people who work for and with FSB is by the many different events it hosts each year.  These events bring together the FSB group on a more social level — not to discuss business but to let everyone sit back and relax and enjoy.  One of the greatest testaments is the high level of turnout for each event; these are eagerly anticipated and enjoyed!  Below are some of the events that FSB has hosted as a “thank you” for the loyalty and amazing level of service their group provides.

“Wine and Cheese” evening – the FSB group enjoyed a wine tasting and education from the people of Peller Estates. It was an evening where food and conversation flowed. 

Holiday party – Just to be a little different FSB hosts its holiday party in January.  People come back relaxed from a break and can really enjoy this evening.  This was a night to enjoy dinner and Jazz Music.

“Leaping into Spring” evening – The FSB group welcomes a change of pace from a busy first quarter.  This dinner is for the appreciation and a “thank you” to the FSB group. It was a time to sit back and just mingle with the others while enjoying the finger-foods and drink.

BBQ lunch – Every year the FSB group gathers and enjoys a catered bbq lunch.  It is a welcome break from the busy day where everyone can come out and enjoy great weather and good food.

Monthly Breakfast/Birthday Celebrations – Every month the FSB group gathers in the kitchen area to enjoy a catered breakfast and to celebrate all the birthdays for that month.   

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