Employee Testimonials

FSB is a leader in the insurance industry and is proud to be the clients’ broker of choice.  It knows that much of its success has to do with the people who work for and with FSB.  FSB attracts like-minded people who believe what they believe: that being in service is the key to this brokerage’s success; asking questions, listening, create solutions all with the intention of providing the client with the solution that makes sense for them.  It is a business of creating solid relationships.

Hear what the FSB group has to say:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wine & cheese event. It was a hit! I enjoyed it very much. A big thanks to all those who organized it.  A job well done and the event is much appreciated.”

“Thank you for the appreciation dinner. It was outstanding.. people milling about and
the food was great!”

“Thank you very much for the annual holiday dinner. I really enjoyed the evening having great company and good food.”

“I like the BBQ lunches. Everyone is outside, together, talking in one place away from our desks.”

“The BBQ lunches are a break from working. We go outside and enjoy the weather and spend time with everyone.”

“I love that the birthday breakfasts are once a month and its available for everybody
to celebrate the birthdays of that month.”

“The Steering Committee is a good idea with consistency even better. We are seeing
the ‘positive’ benefits of change.”

“The Steering Committee is a good idea and a lot of positive changes can come from it.
We are beginning to see some of these changes now.”

“Kidz2Kidz & Toy drive events like this are great for morale, team effort/internal team building and camaraderie. The more events like this the better.”

“I really like giving back and want more of these events.”

“I think giving back is great and it brings everyone together – social integration.”

“Kidz2Kidz & Toy drive- I liked these events. I like to give back to needy kids.”

“More denim days please. I like to be comfortable and give back as well.”

For further information contact us at 905-731-5177 or email us at info@fsbgroup.ca .