Growth and Development

FSB recognizes the importance of growth and development and is devoting more of its resources to bringing in courses that enhance and empower the individual(s), both personally and professionally.  Having an open-door policy enables two-way feedback for continual learning and growing.


Personal Growth

FSB is committed to bringing in programs like ‘True Colours’ which focused on understanding more about yourself, your personality type (linked to a colour) and your purpose.  The benefit for the individual was tremendous and something that can cross over into the workplace, especially being a team-oriented environment and having to work with many different personality types.


Professional Growth

Career Movement: FSB encourages those individuals who begin their career as Personal Lines or Commercial Lines CSR to consider becoming a Producer. This is not for everyone however for those that want to make the transition, FSB supports this growth and movement. This involves a mutual commitment.

Insurance Company Training: FSB and the Insurance Companies work closely together to ensure that the CSRs and producers are knowledgeable about products and any changes that affect clients.

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