FSB is proud to be associated with the talent of producers that have aligned with us. We are always looking for outgoing, engaging people who are good listeners and solution-oriented. This is a people business where the relationship of the client is first and foremost while also considering FSB’s policy, procedures and guidelines.

If you are a self-starter and like to be part of a team who can support you in growing your business please contact us at 905-731-5177. Our customer service representatives, both for personal and commercial, are well-trained and knowledgeable. The FSB culture is one that reinforces mutual respect, integrity, transparency and truth. It is a dynamic and fast-paced environment, in which CSRs, processors and producers work well together. FSB conducts monthly meetings with the producers which allows for discussion, issues and concerns to be addressed as well as any pertinent changes with the Insurance Companies to be raised.

FSB is continually growing their client base as well as their relationships with the Insurance Companies. FSB has an extensive number of Insurance Companies that it deals with allowing the producers to have choice for the best option(s) available for their clients. FSB’s relationship with the Insurance Companies is one of mutual respect; the companies come into FSB to train and keep their providers abreast of any changes as well as train them on new products.

FSB is proud to have earned the Gold Seal for Best Practices.

We stand behind our vision: Leading Insurance by Example, both with our people, who distinguish us from other brokerages and our level of innovation.

Join our group today.

Contact us at 905-731-5177 to set up an appointment.